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ROUND2 is a computer recycling company that understands the importance of delivering cost effective technology recycling, asset recovery, computer recycling and disposal, and eCycling services for your business or organization. ROUND2’s computer recycling center and LifeCycle Services provide an integrated, convenient, and proven solution for value recovery of excess, obsolete, returned or damaged products. We monetize your assets through a broad remarketing and recycling network to ensure maximum ROI in the shortest amount of time for recycling your computers or electronics.

Computer Recyclers

Our computer recycling and computer demanufacturing programs can be custom tailored to your business, with a commercial focus on Recovery, Reutilization, and Recycling. Let our computer recycling business demonstrate the value in “going green” – to your organization, to your bottom line, and to your customers. A ROUND2 Product Acquisition Team member is ready to customize a computer waste recycling program for your specific needs.


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